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By Jeff Mottle

Discover the future of 3D & AR at Adobe MAX

Image Credit: Skeeva.

Do you have a vision in 3D or AR? The 3D & AR track at Adobe MAX can help you grow your design skills and understanding of 3D and augmented reality experiences.

In the 3D & AR track, you will:

  • Discover how to create state-of-the-art 3D designs and augmented reality experiences with Adobe’s ecosystem of powerful apps and content.
  • Build and assemble photorealistic 3D scenes in Substance 3D Stager or texture your 3D assets using Substance 3D Painter.
  • Work from real-life photos to create digital materials using Substance 3D Sampler or build your materials with full authoring control using Substance 3D Designer.
  • Sculpt your 3D model as you would in a real-world workshop using Substance 3D Modeler.
  • Bring your content into the Adobe Aero app and explore the medium of Augmented Reality to create interactive experiences.
People You’ll Meet:

Graphic designers, 3D artists, creative directors, illustrators, VFX artists, industrial designers, concept artists, new media artists and other creative pros who want to learn how to create 3D designs and interactive, immersive experiences.

Products You’ll Learn About:

  • Substance 3D Stager
  • Substance 3D Painter
  • Substance 3D Sampler
  • Substance 3D Designer
  • Substance 3D Modeler (private beta)
  • Adobe Aero
Here are 5 sessions from this track to consider as you start planning your schedule:
Join Skeeva, freelance digital 3D artist, and discover the techniques he uses to efficiently create and deliver high quality apparel designs in 3D. Starting with an initial concept, he will move to fabric concepting and prototyping, to lighting, and to final color correction. Along the way, Skeeva will use Marvelous Designer, Substance 3D Painter, Substance 3D Assets, Substance 3D Stager, and will finish everything in Photoshop.

As Skeeva guides you through his workflow, you’ll learn how to:

  • Quickly create a 3D concept of an outfit using the built-in tools in Marvelous Designer
  • Use Substance 3D Painter and Substance 3D Assets for concepting and prototyping fabric combos
  • Use a basic lighting setup in Substance 3D Stager to make the outfit stand out
  • Finish the render in Photoshop with fast color corrections and minor tweaks

Join AR/VR artist and musician, Heather Dunaway Smith, as she shares her process for combining illustration, animation, interaction, and audio into AR artworks. She will outline practical tips for designing engaging immersive experiences and will cover the unique design considerations and opportunities in this exciting, new medium.

In this fascinating and fun session, you’ll learn:

  • Best practices for designing AR experiences
  • Tools and tips for thinking spatially during the design process
  • Interaction techniques for creating agency and authenticity
  • How to use spatial sound to create world presence and direct attention

Join 3D and AR storyteller Don Allen Stevenson III to learn the most effective ways to use the new Adobe Substance 3D tools to build your characters, props, and environments for an Augmented Reality (AR) experience in Adobe Aero. Discover how to optimize your creative pipeline for building 3D assets for an immersive AR experience.

In this session you’ll explore:

  • The Adobe Substance 3D tools available for 3D content creation
  • How to optimize your workflow for AR with Adobe Aero
  • Techniques to add interactivity to your creations
  • The best AR tips and tricks

Discover how you can make your 3D objects come to life with Substance 3D Painter. Take the next step into digital content creation with Valeria Gerontopoulos, product manager and 3D artist, who will guide you through the process of texturing with Painter, an app that combines the familiar feel of Photoshop with cutting-edge 3D painting and texturing tools. You’ll discover what Painter is capable of and gain a solid foundation to advance further in your 3D journey.

As Valeria steps you through the Painter workflow, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set up your project and create a texture base you can build on.
  • Make use of non-destructive and procedural tools and effects.
  • Harness the power of the Substance ecosystem

Join 3D environment artist Jeryce Dianingana and discover the process he uses to create his meaningful and expressive 3D designs inspired by traditional African art. As Jeryce guides you through his latest creations, you’ll learn how Adobe Substance 3D tools help him translate traditional African art into his soulful compositions.

In this session you’ll explore:

  • How traditional African art inspires Jeryce’s 3D creations
  • Using Substance 3D Painter to paint in real time
  • Unifying structures, textures, and colors
  • Using Substance 3D Painter for non-destructive texturing

See all 3D/AR Sessions: here.

Register for the free, virtual Adobe MAX 2021 (October 26-28) to unlock new ideas and grow your skill set alongside a community of like-minded creatives.

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This week, Adobe announced a new track of 3D & AR sessions at Adobe MAX, the world’s largest creativity conference, running from October 26-28. The 3D & AR track features five can’t-miss sessions aimed at helping attendees grow their design skills and understanding of 3D and augmented reality experiences.

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