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By Ricardo Eloy

What's new in 3ds Max 2025

In the dynamic realm of 3D modeling and animation, keeping abreast of the newest software updates is essential for both enthusiasts and professionals alike. That's why I strongly encourage you to watch the latest video on 3ds Max 2025 by Agnieszka Klich, a prominent figure in the 3D community, on her channel, Arch Viz Artist. Although this release may not be packed with as many new features as some might have hoped for, it introduces a suite of interesting enhancements that could significantly improve your workflow and creativity. Here are the video's highlights:

  1. Global Search Improvements
  2. Menu Customization Made Easy
  3. The Value of Incremental Saves
  4. Advances in Retopology and Mesh Cleaning
  5. Rendering and Animation Upgrades

While 3ds Max 2025 may not boast an extensive list of new features as seen in previous updates, the improvements it includes are carefully considered and aimed at enhancing user experience and workflow efficiency. Agnieszka Klich's video on Arch Viz Artist provides an insightful and thorough overview of these features, making it an essential watch for anyone involved with or interested in 3ds Max. 

Watch the full video in the player below.
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Join Agnieszka Klich as she shows the most interesting new features in Autodesk's latest release.

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