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By Ricardo Eloy

Chaos Unboxed: A Deeper Dive into the Future of Visualization

Chaos, a leading innovator in 3D visualization technology, recently held the "Chaos Unboxed" event, unveiling their vision for the future of visualization in 2024 and beyond. 

Being a company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of visualization, Chaos has outlined a three-pronged strategy to empower creators across various fields. This approach prioritizes:

  1. Accelerated Creativity: User-friendly tools enhanced by AI will become the norm, offering creators a "better brush" to express their visions with greater control and speed, without sacrificing artistic autonomy.

  2. Seamless Workflows: Chaos prioritizes interconnected solutions, ensuring creations flow effortlessly between different software and stages, eliminating the need for tedious rework.

  3. Ubiquitous Accessibility: From desktops and browsers to mobile devices and VR, Chaos aims to make their software available on every platform, allowing creators to engage audiences wherever they are.

Building upon this foundation, Chaos is poised to revolutionize its product portfolio, including V-Ray, Corona, Enscape, Chaos Vantage, Cylindo, and Chaos Cosmos. Exciting new additions are also on the horizon, promising to make life easier and more enjoyable for architects, designers, artists, and filmmakers. Let's delve deeper and explore the specific innovations Chaos has in store!
"Our mission is to give you a better, more powerful brush, not to replace your creativity. We want your vision to be brought to life faster and with full control and ownership."
Kam Star - Chief Product Officer

V-Ray: Powerhouse Meets Open Source

Our journey begins with V-Ray, the industry leader in photorealistic rendering. For those unfamiliar, V-Ray is the software used to create stunningly realistic visuals, often seen in architecture, film, and design.

Exciting news for the open-source community! V-Ray is coming to Blender, a popular 3D software known for its passionate user base and beginner-friendly approach. This means creators of all levels will soon have access to V-Ray's powerful rendering capabilities within Blender's familiar interface.

But that's not all. V-Ray is also receiving a major upgrade in terms of accessibility and compatibility. By leveraging technologies like the Bridge between V-Ray and Enscape, as well as USD and MaterialX support, Chaos is ensuring a seamless workflow across various platforms and tools, allowing studios of all sizes to collaborate effortlessly.

Enscape: A Powerful Upgrade for Seamless Workflows and Efficiency

Enscape, Chaos's real-time rendering and visualization tool, is receiving a significant upgrade focused on streamlining workflows and boosting efficiency.

To bridge the gap between V-Ray and Enscape, Chaos is merging functionalities between the two platforms. This exciting development eliminates "Enscape FOMO" and allows for seamless collaboration. Users can expect features like Cloud Collaboration support and integrated access to the vast Chaos Cosmos library boasting over 5,000 assets, enabling effortless project switching without compromising progress.
The innovations for Enscape extend beyond workflow improvements. Architects, take note! Chaos is introducing a real-time building performance module that analyzes your BIM model's energy efficiency as you design and modify it. This empowers you to make informed decisions from the very beginning of the design process.
Furthermore, Enscape is receiving an AI-powered upgrade with a real-time solution for rendering stylized visuals in a hand-drawn aesthetic, adding a unique flair to your projects. Additionally, integrated GPU and mobile viewing capabilities are on the horizon, granting you the flexibility to visualize your creations from anywhere.

Corona Renderer and Vantage: Collaboration and Innovation Take Center Stage

Next, let's turn our attention to Corona Renderer, renowned for its user-friendly approach and high-quality output. Recognizing the importance of collaboration, Chaos is enhancing Corona with support for Cloud Collaboration, .vrscene files, and Chaos Vantage, further streamlining the workflow for teams.
Now, let's shift gears and explore the exciting world of Vantage. Ever wondered why so many movies seem to have endless golden hour scenes? The answer lies in LED stages! These innovative setups allow filmmakers to place actors in front of virtual environments, enabling breathtaking visuals regardless of the actual time of day.
Chaos is at the forefront of this technology with Vantage for Virtual LED Stage. This groundbreaking integration seamlessly connects the workflow from 3D modeling to the final shot, regardless of the chosen digital content creation (DCC) software. Additionally, expanded virtual reality headset support allows creators to immerse themselves in these epic environments like never before.

Cylindo and Chaos Cosmos: AI-Powered Efficiency and Customization

Cylindo users are in for a treat with the integration of AI-generated Instant Lifestyle Images within Cylindo Studio. This innovative feature allows you to instantly transform product visuals into stunning, photorealistic images set against virtually any background imaginable.
Furthermore, Chaos is introducing customer portals for instant visualization services, streamlining the process for creators. Additionally, workflow enhancements are underway to empower digital marketing, merchandising, and branding teams in their content creation and distribution efforts.
The advancements don't stop there. Chaos Cosmos, the ever-expanding asset library, will receive a powerful AI upgrade: chat-driven material creation. This allows you to specify the desired material and then tailor it to your specific project needs, whether it's adding details like scratches or logos, adjusting metallicity, or simply amping it up to the highest level.

Storytelling platform

Chaos breaks new ground with a dedicated tool for rapid architectural visualization storytelling. This standalone product seamlessly integrates with Enscape and V-Ray, allowing you to:

  • Effortlessly import scenes: Skip the tedious back-and-forth and incorporate scenes directly from your existing projects.
  • Enhance your vision: Make quick adjustments and refine your scenes, ensuring they captivate your audience.
  • Explore design variations: Experiment with different options and engage clients in the decision-making process.
  • Bring designs to life: Breathe life into your projects with dynamic animations, adding depth and engagement.
  • Simulate crowds and traffic: Create realistic simulations of people and movement, enhancing the overall sense of realism and scale.

Furthermore, the platform works seamlessly with all Chaos products, guaranteeing a smooth workflow regardless of your initial design environment.
This ensures compatibility and empowers you to leverage your existing skills within the storytelling platform.

Streamlining Collaboration: Real-Time 3D Design Reviews

Chaos is committed to transforming design collaboration with a groundbreaking platform that facilitates:

  • Real-time 3D design reviews: Provide and receive instant feedback on photorealistic 3D models, eliminating geographical, device, and platform barriers. This allows for efficient communication and informed decision-making throughout the design process.
  • Seamless collaboration: Foster effective teamwork and client engagement. Break down communication silos and create a unified experience for all stakeholders, regardless of their location or technical expertise.

This emphasis on accessibility and engagement through immersive 3D technology empowers architects, designers, artists, and clients to connect and collaborate in entirely new ways.
This is just the beginning! Stay tuned for more exciting announcements and events from Chaos Unboxed throughout the year.
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Chaos, a leading innovator in 3D visualization technology, recently held the "Chaos Unboxed" event, unveiling their vision for the future of visualization in 2024 and beyond.

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