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The Art of Painting with Shadows (V-Ray / Corona)

Ciro Sannino has just released a new tutorial on painting with shadows using V-Ray or Corona:

How to cast beautiful shadows exactly here, without wasting time in many attempts? Let's talk about how to paint a scene with shadows. It's not always easy to add an external tree and immediately get beautiful shadows here in the center, just as we imagine. 

If we want the tree's shadow to follow this diagonal, crossing the entire scene and ending at the beginning of these steps, the first thing to do is moving the sun and the target simultaneously. Let’s see how to paint with shadows.
Ciro Sannino is currently offering Lessons + Licenses + Certifications in one package
The course is recorded in English + Spanish and Italian:
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Ciro Sannino
/ Corona Official Instructor
/ Chaos Academic Partner

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On his latest tutorial, Ciro Sannino explains how to use shadows to paint a scene (V-Ray/Corona)

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