By Simon Oudiette

The impact of good composition

Time for a shorter than usual article,

Namely, a video about the impact of good composition

Having worked on this little video I found it to be an actually pretty compelling way of showing the impact of composition on an image. 

All in all, everything that enters the canvas has an impact, but it seems that composition will do most of the heavylifting. In this video I work on a basic scene and only move parameters that are "composition related", like framing, lighting and colors. 
Hope this sparks some interest and shed some light on what matters in an image, and how one should approach any brief when it comes to making successful images.



If you want to learn more about composition, you can check out my course From The Ground Up
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Want to see the power of composition on a simple scene? Well here it is. Everything in there is simple Chaos Cosmos assets and materials. Two images, and yet one is good, and the other one is filled with composition issues. Will you know which one is which?

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