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Design Connected launches Connecter 5

Design Connected released version 5 of their much sought-after digital asset management software - Connecter. The update brings six completely new features, refactored 3ds Max integration, and many improvements to some of the most popular tools and options. The changes focus on improving team collaboration and creating a more visual asset library with ease.
Connecter 5 comes with the tagline “More than a library”, highlighting that the application far surpasses the typical asset browsers. It offers several productivity-boosting tools and workflow-defining features such as a Version Control system and Web Catalogs. Connecter integrates with some of the most popular 3d and BIM software solutions - Autodesk 3ds Max, Revit, Blender, Rhino, and Cinema 4D.
The new Feedback system lets creative teams leave comments and visual markups on every asset and version. It removes the need for a separate tool, which is disconnected from the asset library and helps with the review, approvals, and production tracking workflows. The artists can use the visual content of the asset or add their own to showcase their feedback.
Utilising a dedicated Autodesk 3ds Max instance, Generate Custom Previews is a powerful tool that makes the creation of fantastic, uniform-looking previews extremely easy. The users can pick from many pre-made studios or add their own ones. After the initial setup, the generation of previews is down to a couple of clicks.
Connecter offers a large amount of meta-data that can be assigned to the user’s assets - like tags, descriptions, ratings, and custom previews. Custom Properties further elevate that ability, giving the freedom to specify different fields and values, which can then be used to search and filter the assets. These attributes can be shared within a team or tailored for personal use for each user.

The application is an invaluable toolset for working with images with features for tiling, comparing, and tag creation from meta keywords. Version 5 extends that with Show Differences - it analyses two images and highlights the parts that are not the same. The users can also use overlay mode to dig into the fine details.
Collections and Dynamic Subets are the newest additions to the existing huge array of organisational and productivity-boosting features. The former allows the users to create their own sets of assets that they often use or need for a current project. The latter is essentially a shortcut to a certain state of Connecter’s asset view. It can feature a complex combination of tags, filters, and searches that is recalled with a single click.
The complete list of improvements and links to helpful guides is available here. Watch the highlights of the main new features in the video below.

About Connecter

Connecter is a Windows desktop application that supercharges CG creatives' work by adding a layer of rich visual data and effortless collaboration in a centralised library. It is completely free for individual use and teams of up to 5 users connected through LAN. The bigger or decentralised companies can utilise a paid SaaS product - Connecter Server. It’s offered with three months free trial and unlocks several powerful features such as Version Control, Web Catalogs, and a Feedback system.
Unlike other digital asset management solutions, Connecter works with users’ existing storage solutions, making it extremely versatile and cost-effective. This is among the reasons for the extensive adoption throughout the AEC, game, film, and VFX industries.

About Design Connected

Established in 2006, the company helps designers, architects, and visualisation artists create better interior CG presentations easier and faster. Design Connected’s forte is the extreme attention to detail in every aspect - from the top-notch digitalisation of designer furniture, through innovative business models, to the development of one of the most popular digital asset management solutions.
Connecter is Design Connected’s largest in-house software development project, which has been publicly available since 2015. Self-funded and attracting a solid community of passionate users, it has already been adopted by some of the best companies in the creative and architectural industries - the likes of Blur, Brick Visuals, KPF, White Arkitekter, and Woods Bagot.
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A massive update of the popular digital asset management software that adds a ton of new features and improves even more of the existing ones.

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