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By Jeff Mottle

Tom Glimps Octane Render Competition

We'd like to share a small Contest organized by tomGlimps. While the still image phase is now over and the three winners have been announced below. The most important thing is that VR submissions are still open for submissions and will be open for another month (until October 15, 2016).  You can check out the competition site here: Contest

Still Image Phase winners

Nikita Shestakov

Jens Suhr Andersen | Ikonoform

Cedric Henry | pxlntwrk 

A temporary licence for Octane Render v3 will be provided. You just need complete the form on the bottom of the Contest page showing some progress related to a given task. You can also get Phantom Scatter licences if you choose to work with Octane Render standalone.

Wherever you decide to start posting (for instance over CGarchitect forums) all you need to do is inform tomGlimps. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with him using form in the bottom of contest page.

Prizes for winners include:

* Oculus Rift 

* AMD WX7100 (capable of powering up to four 5K screens)

* OctaneRender Combo licence (standalone + chosen plugin)

* Quixel Suite Freelance + subsciption of MegaScans freelance for half a year

* HDR Studio Light 5

* Phantom Scatter Licence

* Laubwerk Plants Kit

& probably even more as the list of prize sponsors is still growing!

The VR winners will be announced in few days after deadline on CGarchitect.

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Was a nice challenge. Congrats to Cedric and Nikita!

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Tom Glimps Octane Render Competition - VR Submissions open until October 15.

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