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By Jeff Mottle

LAST CHANCE! Take the Salary Survey Now

We're Almost There! Please Help Us Reach 3,000 Responses!

This survey should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. The questions asked will help us build a detailed report outlining hiring practices and salary ranges for the architectural visualization industry. We are also going to be including information from top companies in the industry about their hiring practices and what they look for in new hires and much more.

Due to the amount of time required to compile, analyze and publish the results we will be charging a nominal fee to purchase the final ebook. Those who complete the survey will receive a 60% discount code at the end of the survey.  ($19.95 - Reg. $49.95). You'll be able to use it once the survey is made available.

We're also giving away a number of random prizes from Moleskin. Just complete the survey and register your name for the random draw. (the random draw registration is not tied to the salary survey in any way, so don't worry we're not tracking your responses)

Random Prize Giveaway

2 Copies of " The Hand of the Architect" by Moleskin (Value $50)
3 Copies from the "Architect and Design Series (Limited Edition) - Inspiraiton & Process" by Moleskin - Your Choice (Value $ 40)
3 Copies of "Moleskine Drawing Gift Box Set" (Value $40)

PLEASE NOTE: This survey is completely confidential, and we do not ask you for any personal information that would tie any answers to you or your company.

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Hi all, sorry for the delay, I missed the end of the year deadline by a few weeks due to illness and the holidays madness. I just completed the survey this weekend after clocking in a final tally of about 100 hours to finalize everything. Check it out HERE
I have been on the road for almost all of November. I'm actually heading to the airport again in 90 minutes. I have been spending a fair bit of time determine how best to analyze the date and testing data analytics software. I just pulled the trigger on a $1000 package earlier this week so once I get back I'll be finishing everything up. It will 100% be done before the end of the year.
Hi, any ETA on the survey results? Would really love to have it before Christmas :)
@James send me an email to and I can get that to you.
Is there somewhere we can retrieve the discount code if it has been lost/forgotten?
Will have them done in the next 3-4 weeks, maybe sooner. I'm finally home long enough now to put my full attention on it. Stay tuned.
Just wondering if the Survey results are available for purchase?
Its time I give you something back Jeff! Looking forward for the survey results! Also, regarding your next survey, will be great to know about budget for the machines, and who decides them? Satish
this is very simple .. many years we have been using, availing ourselves of the many resources this site has given us free in so many years, I think it's time to help us in any way, it's worth the results of this analysis, is insignificant to what we really brings, and if we have to work with it, is fair .. is my opinion!!
@Chris, Yes a good idea indeed. I may have to ask our developer to implement this, or develop an algorithm to filter stupid comments. :) Right now though I have no way to do disable comments for individual posts.
Jeff, Maybe disable comments for the next survey.. :) Chris
@ Hater Man, congratulations your ability to fling mud from your perch of anonymity must be so rewarding. I go back to the fact that if you don't want to partake in this survey, or pay money for it, then in the most democratic way possible, you simply don't have to. Under no conditions did Jeff ever state anything to the contrary. If you would like to create, host and distribute a free survey, then please by all means forward us all the link and I'm sure we would all revel in your absolute generosity.
Also, the information provided about what is included in the paid survey will be very detailed so people can make a decision if it has the info they need.
@Ethan, yes we're breaking down the results by country provided each country has enough respondents. Right now Belgium has 30 respondents. To see the questions, just take the survey. It only takes 5 min. There are enough questions in there to really allow for some very detailed and custom analysis. We do ask about education level as well.
SINCE THE BEGINNING they made clear it won't be free to buy the survey afterwards, so stop crying and complaining. It's their freaking website and they do as they please. 3d party people shouldn't be telling them how to run their own freaking website, get real. If you don't agree - don't do it. Plain and simple. Babies. ---------------------------- Question: I'm working in Belgium, but how will I be able to use the survey if all nationalities are contributing to the same money-pot. Will this have a country-rated general-payrate? with ages? It might be handy to give a list of what exacly will be in the survey so we don't buy it if it doesn't contain our specific needs. For example: I want to compare my payrate to my own country and age. 2nd: How are "skills" put into the equasion? I don't have a diploma, i'm self thaught, but in my country there isn't even a school that teaches the architectural visual design (if there aqtualy is any school in the world that focuses on this) - but diploma suggests you still get a higher pay rate in this profession? regards, Ethan Janssens
@Hater Man, I'm not sure why I'm even bothering to reply to your nonsense as you clearly have no clue how much it costs to run an online business. I'd hazard a guess you probably have no clue what it takes to run a business period based on your diatribe. The fact you think the site can run itself is laughable. My server costs alone are almost $25,000 a year and that is barely enough to keep up with the traffic and server load at times. Until you've actually run an online business, I'd suggest you respectfully stop speculating about what is actually involved and what it costs.
Hey Jeff Mottle, your excuses are unacceptable. You collect information from public and then sell back to them. This is absolutely nonsense. You said you do too much free stuffs for the community, you said this sale is just a way to recover your time spent for doing free things. Hey, if you DECIDE TO GIVE to people, DON'T ASK FOR RETURNS. You said you have been offered free stuffs to the community for 11 years. IS THAT TRUE? See how much money you generate from ads on your site, will that not enough to cover the its hosting, says luxury hosting for $200/month? Oh yeah, some more cost for operating too, that is not significant except at the start. The site can run by itself, users contribute contents to it, attracting readers and generate web traffic ( = money). That is your rewards, you use them to cover the costs. That is the way free blogs running now. DON'T SAY YOU SPEND BUT DO NOT GET ANYTHING BACK.
I'm going to be sending out a final call for submissions early next week with deadline of Aug 26. Then it will take me 2-3 weeks to compile all of the information.
Jeff, When will the results be out?
Everyone that's that thinks Jeff should give this information away needs to immediately start giving their clients free visualization work. The man is trying to make a living, considering the mountain of valuable information and advice you already get for free from this site $20 is a small price to pay to help you figure out how valuable your services are to people. I'll gladly pay for this survey if for no other reason than to say Thank You Jeff for all you've done for this community over the years.

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DEADLINE AUGUST 31. The CGarchitect salary survey is back! Please take 5-10 minutes of your time to provide your information so we can publish the most comprehensive survey for our industry.

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