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Philosophy and embodiment: the role of the “Sunlit Shores” project in advancing hotel business ideas

Do you have any ideas on how to turn an uninhabited island located in the Indian Ocean into a tourist attraction from all corners of the globe?
While you may be lost in conjecture, our company's visualizers aren't just experimenting with answering the question proposing dubious hypotheses, but rather offering a concrete solution that brings profit. Indeed, profit divided in half with our client (joke), who became the inspiration for our joint project.

From an uninhabited island to the resort

Sunlit Shores a project that, in terms of global concern for the environment, is considered "just another one." However, for us it holds much greater significance and therefore does not fit into the "mainstream," although it strives to indirectly draw attention to the issue of ecology.
The beginning of the remarkable collaboration with Studio57 Visualization was initiated by our new client Christoph (we use a fictitious name at the client's request), who is involved in recreational diving. Studying the seabed and its amazing creatures for half his life (from whale sharks to tiny plankton emitting a bright blue color), he decided to embark on a journey to the Baa Atoll. And he chose this paradise not by chance. One of the Maldivian islands is home to a popular biosphere reserve, which is under the highest degree of protection. The threat of extinction of green turtles, hundreds of coral species upon which the lives of other ocean dwellers depend and storm petrels with their peculiar habit of joining flocks of birds unlike their own species – all of this persuaded the millionaire to conduct a sociological experiment.

Artificial environment in a paradise location

Christopher was struck by the beauty "painted" by nature. Even more inspiring for him was the metaphorical idea of the "forbidden fruit," which seemed primal, majestic and divine when untouched by the hand of Homo sapiens. It was precisely around the ancient story of the fall from grace that the future idea of our colleague unfolded to create an "artificial" environment for humans on the atoll – the construction of resort hotels.
Initially, this move lacks a commercial motive, which might only be seen as a desire to profit from the numerous tourists who will flock to buy plane tickets. Behind it lies a rather ironic consideration to teach "earthlings" to treat everything around them with care. To teach them to live in harmony with nature excluding any barbaric attempts to stop its heartbeat. Simply to teach them to enjoy, explore, observe, study and take an interest.
The visualizations, for which the diver passionate about the lofty mission wrote a detailed technical assignment became the embodiment of his dream. These works trace the "imposed" connection between primordiality and civilization, which organize a union through modernity. And for the latter, technologies that are improving every second are crucial in a global sense today.

Construction of the future through 3D modeling

Indeed, without humanity's invention of 3D modeling programs or any other rendering engines, it would be impossible to see realistic copies of houses or yet-to-be-built villas on reefs. However, with the skills of Studio57 Visualization's visualizers Christoph received a visual guide (and enjoyment!) that will serve as a memorandum in the future implementation process of the project.

By the way, it consists of a network of snow-white two-story villas chaotically scattered on a piece of uninhabited land lost in the boundless ocean. These houses, remote thousands of kilometers from the noise of giant metropolises, resemble thousands of coral islets seen on a map from above. It's a true oasis of tranquility lined with the familiar four walls for humans. From afar, they slice through space with the sharpness of modernity. However, if you look closer, you can notice curved lines reminiscent of the azure waves of the ocean. And in this, the first step towards a "truce" between man and the endless sea is already visible.

The uniqueness of this project lies not only in its philosophy but also in its architectural boldness. Together with the client, we shared a passion for innovation and ecological sustainability, aesthetic beauty and functional solutions. The traditional Maldivian charm in the form of wooden bungalows and the spirit of adventure in the style of Robinson Crusoe have taken a back seat. We decided to shatter the "golden" standards and instead of common terraces, we created secluded additions of irregular shapes, on which we placed everything necessary for enjoyment (from built-in mini-pools to loungers) with a beautiful enchanting view.
However, it is also pleasant to contemplate it from inside the house. Between wide panoramic windows from floor to ceiling in the interior and tropical greenery, along with neighboring lagoons, the boundary truly blurs. The landscape merges with the space of each room forming yet another support for the "organic" friendship between man and nature. Stylish design using natural elements and neutral shades, spacious and bright rooms of a separate villa with comfortable furniture and modern appliances provide genuine coziness. Equality with the environment is observed in the exclusively "clean" materials that we use in the project. They are carefully selected considering the possible reduction of negative impact on the environment.
The resort's infrastructure on Baa is not limited to just villas. Considering the variety of entertainment (from the same diving that our client is engaged in to water skiing) that tourists can engage in here, we integrated tennis courts, outdoor pools and bicycle storage facilities.

3D visualizations as a premier marketer

We surpassed Christoph's expectations by creating an entire cultural symbol of modern lifestyle without compromising the authenticity of the Maldives' beauty. We constructed a digital counterpart of the future resort on paper demonstrating the impact that 3D visualizations have on any industry today. They allow potential clients to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of coziness, luxury and harmony with nature even before they decide to pack their bags and fly off on vacation. On the other hand, vivid visualizations that correspond to reality provide an excellent reason to make a decision consciously and quickly. The benefit of these photorealistic "cards" is evident even to business owners who struggle to respond to customer inquiries about booking another villa.

In this context, our Sunlit Shores project is the best marketer promoting hotel business services and an equally effective tool that conveys the philosophy of the client's ideas. Each "frame" of the project reflects their desire to preserve the beauty of nature for future generations. Sunlit Shores is an entire legacy in itself.
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