Escaping the cold_1

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Hi Christopher, I'll be honest, any resemblance to to the works Vermeer is purely accidental but I'm honored this piece made you feel there was a connection. Your comment makes for a very good reminder that we should all not only look at the work of the leaders in our field as a source of inspiration, but also turn to the "masters" and their amazing works too and the moods they created with paint on canvas. Thank you very much for you comment, it's made my day :)
Mark, I love the way you use textures- you subtly emphasize them more than real life. Along with your use of color, raking light and forms, they turn these images into gorgeous mood pieces. Very jewel-like. I don't know if it's intended, but the left-hand exterior light source and the subtle shadows seem like an homage to the great Vermeer paintings. Very inspirational. Great work!
Hi Natalia, I loved the house in that movie...thank you for your comment :)
this mood reminds me for some reason of a scene i've seen in Ghost Writer :)
Yes Juan, it's quite the opposite of cold winter climate in Brisbane...I watch a lot of snowboarding movies though :)
I can relate to that sometimes we add more that needed. The fire is really effective to such a dark-cold image, awesome contrast... now how can you imagine a scene like that living in Boca? all I can see are palm trees and water here in Tampa. lol
Hi Juan, thanks for your's funny what you said about the reflection. I didn't really put it in till the last minute as I felt it needed something to just make the glass that bit more obvious. Perhaps I should have toned it back down a bit. Thanks again :)
wonderful texture work and lights. It bothers me a little bit the reflexion on the glass, since is not to illuminated inside and not too dark outside. I would make it more subtle or just disappear. The rest is exquisite, great work!