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Very realistic mate
I actually feel the same with the disconnectivity with the background, just couldnt quite put my finger on what it was. Both background and foreground images have a simillar light source from the same angles. but that might be the problem (the angle) thats also why I couldnt get any sunlight on the building, because its behind the trees. thanks for the comments everyone, much appreciated
Agreed with David........also a little sunlight or lighting focus on the structure should be a great thing.........interiors are ok......overall great job!
I think the rendering does not fit all that well in the background/context. I understand that it is perched on the ledge of that cliff, but it still seems disconnected from the cliff face. Might be a problem with the shadows or something. It also appears that the render and the background image have different light sources maybe? It might just be that those white chairs need to drop back in the scene and maybe darken a little bit. I don't want to sound too negative, because, I think the rendering on its own is really nice. The textures are really working well, that glass is very believable. Your interior renders are also REALLY nice in my opinion. Its just that darn background in the exterior image. Just my two cents. Great job overall!
I'd spend most of my time hugging the walls in that place, never going near the windows...