Interior Design in IRAN

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I know this & I save az tiff with alpha chanel , What about kelvin light ? you mean color tempereture & White balance ?
First you have to render it in an image format that has alpha channel, after that you can add background or something by using this, I think you have to search the light kelvins or colors easily, after all you can composit your image like what u want.
Thnx for your commment's Adeel : this carpet size is 3x3 meter and in the perspective view look a little strech but in the real world it's square :) Chris : thnx if you have a suggestion about the background on windows plz share with me
Amazing. I think the carpet it fine, it's just the orientation of it that's kind of throws me off. Simply amazing though.
it's just ok......but i don't know why u put carpet like's looking weird :( & texture is also stretching.