help with rendering

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yeah looks better again, the brick wall mapping can be reduced in width, also try to add bump maps or even a slight displace to the floor tiles
here's updated photo....
yes, I do see black on top of the Chrome ... u r right sir, i just have a background and flooring. im checking this right away.. thanks for quick reply
Materials like chrome need something to reflect. You can put a bitmap of say an outdoor scene in the environment slot for the chrome material then you will see that bitmap as a reflection in the chrome material. You can also use an environment map in the reflection override inside vray, then all of your reflective materials will reflect that texture. Is your model inside a room with 4 walls? If you look at the chrome rails near the top shelf you can see that they are turning to black. It is reflecting that black color because I assumed that you only had a floor and one wall and the rest was a black environment. Here is a good tutorial on vray materials.
I corrected the first part, I didn't quite understood the open room and environment Map concept... sorry... any help with that be appreciated... thanks Aubrey and Redd
Everything Aubrey is telling you is right. It's getting better, so stick with it.
you are joking are you?
What would be the joke here?
I didn't get u Crimson sir... let me know if I can do anything with WIP..... Im really keen to learn this... I'll appreciate any comment or advice . Thanks Aubrey M. for your valuable time and comment for the newbee... Thanks and Regards, Mak
you are joking are you?
The brick wall has so much reflection in it that it looks like a mirror. Brick doesn't reflect, take it waaaay down. The way you had the brick in the first image was ok, just the color was off, it didn't match the scene. The floor looks like it is ok just over scaled. You must have an open room with a black environment. You can see on the upper supports where it goes black. If you use and environment map the chrome will have something to reflect and will look a lot better. If you are not using Catmull-Rom as the Antialiasing filter give it a try, it may sharpen up the image a bit. Keep at it, you are getting there :)
this is a updated scene with brick background ..
perfect as always... thank u so much... really appreciated.. updating new image.... please advice andlet me know if u see any improvement
You may not want to do a studio lighting setup but you asked about how to do it. Here are a couple of links to tutorials on setting up a studio lighting setup. There are many ways to do it but this will give you the idea.
thank u i was waiting for your comment
it looks better, I think you should put back the brick wall texture and put a shiny floor in to give some reflections also, and increae the light levels, also you need to lower the item, as it is floating a little bit, goodluck! :)
here's the setting... just to know what is studio setting.. i did saw a tutorial about that... in which we have a flat on base and partial bend on top...
thank u sir, i got my answer with background as it's just an model... i appreciate your help while being busy with your work. thank u so much for this.. im attaching the vray setting for u.. thanks again...
Well that is a lot better now. First off, details...don't be in such a rush. If you look you will see that the cart is floating above the floor. As far as a background goes that is for you to decide, it's your work after all. If you are creating a scene then you need to have an idea what you want to have in it. If you are just showing off the model then maybe a studio type setup would work. You brick wall texture was ok, just a little bland, why not start with that? I am in the middle of a long render at the moment so I can't look at your rps file. If you had a screenshot I could look at that.
HI... this is updated image with one vray light and shadows... advice some setting and any idea with background, texturing, I know there's lot more to it THanks and Regards, Mak
very true.... i really appreciate your comment and advice ... im in learning... rendering is while im typing this... i'll post the updated photo .. please review my rps setting, if u can advice on that.. thanks everyone for your help
shadows are on sir... FYI.. i dont have any light in this...
Well that explains the lack of shadows..... Put a light or two in the scene and you will see a dramatic improvement. Lighting and textures are the two things that can make or break an image.