House in Canada

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Yes we like the first one better but client is always right:)
I prefer the first one. The contrast is much real and powerfull.
We did some modification to the image. [IMG][/IMG]
Beautiful render. Very pleasing. I would brighten the interior lights and darken the sky as someone said above. To nitpick - I am not sure whether the snow would pile up in that way on the roofs, I might be wrong as well :D
Love this, great render.
Beautiful render!
Wow, great render. Love the atmosphere you made. As allready said above, you made great contrast between cold environment and warm interior. Can you say something about the snow material? Is it SSS material? Thanks in advance.
Great render, like a Christmas card.
Thanks This house is open space one and has really a lot of natural light oak wood walls that is why it is look so bright an uniform inside
I agree about the lighting being to uniform but other than that I think it looks really good. Nice job.
go ahead, darken it and it will look disgusting if printed. Keep it as it is it is perfect.
Really like this image. My only suggestion would be that if the sky was a bit darker, it would cause the house and trees to pop out more. Otherwise it's great. David
Hey, thanks for the good word:) the colors and lighting inside was done based on the examples that client presented of the interiors of this type of houses
Great work! I really like the contrast between warm lightning and the cold enviroment. Maybe the interior lights are too much equal. A little variation on intensity and color could be nice. Cheers!