CGRendering (January 27, 2012)

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Congrats. Great image!
Hey guys, we created based on black and white photos but we created a lot of garbage around the building etc.
Amazing work. Is this a re-creation of a photograph or something you came up with?
it is a great image... but i have a minor point to criticize... there are very large areas of brick wall and they all look the same - in all those walls there is no mistake in the brickwork, theres no spot of a different color, no bricks are blackened by ashes/dust, no bricks are greenish from the stuff that sometimes grows on them... the walls are too clean! :) on a second, better look, there is some variety - this was just my impression of the house overall.
great job . You do it all in Max or something is by Photomontage ! ?
To be honest the environment seems still alive without them. maybe world was much better without people!!! LoL
lols. maybe he's frm mars. =D
People:) they inside:) if to be serious the client did not like people in this rendering
just a great piece of rendering!-but where are all the peoples had gone?
like the theme
love the general treatment
Wow, a gorgeous rendering ready for film!
Very nice piece of art.
Great :- )