After rain phase 2

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whuold you explain how to make the wet ashpalt ? or send me the material plz
Thank you Matt for another important tips. Merry Christmas to you.
I noticeable improvement from your night time version. Good job. A small detail; randomly rotate the trees in the background. Try using near, or almost pure black for the diffuse in the glass shader.. If you want to bring out the silicon joints and spider fittings make a new layer in PS with a HIGHPASS filter @ 0.3 then blend it with either Vivid or HARD light. Its a great sharping method.
Thank you for the tips Ismael, you're right I will take note on that.
Excellent work except I think the reflection on the puddles are too perfect? With motion indicated by the vehicles, the reflections on the closest to camera puddles maybe should tend to something like this:
Thanks to you Saif,you've got amazing works here! hoping to do the same.
happy holiday, nice work
Happy Holidays to everyone!