Mir (August 11, 2010)

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It looked alright to me til the particle fx + the lens effects really kicked in mid video. Then it went into overdrive and became fantastic. When it entered concert mode and went all red. I was sold. Fantastic! I wonder how you guys did the crowd.
Oh my gosh, it's a wonderful piece! Keep on with animations! Your works are always superbe guys :D
Fantastic work! Inspiring as always... I can't wait to see what you guys start producing for animations.
The 360 was all 3d I think.
Trond, was the 360 degree a captured Pano?
Max for modelling + fireworks and flash. Modo for some small things like the stadium seats i think :)
I only thought you guys were using Lightwave? In what areas did you use modo and 3dmax? It's an amazing animation. Best I've seen!
can't speak now :) ... except the 360 part it's amazing ...
The crowd was rendered in the same pass as the rest. It is way more static than what it looks like in the animation, just people standing there :) Flags and people are rendered as instances, one on each chair. Nothing fancy.
Just saw the animation! Love the crowd at the end. Any details to the method for creating your animated crowd?
Um, wow. I agree with what has already been said. But I have to add, I got the chills as the camera crested the top of the stadium and the crowd went nuts (starting at around 1:30). Nice job.
Wow.. That animation is beautiful.. I just looked at your website and all the images are so stunning. I work with Rhino, do you use grasshopper? What is your main render, vray? Thanks Rich
I really can't say exactly how long the animation took. The 3d model of Marseille was a real hassle and we modelled parts of the stadium which took quite a while.....and our office also produced a lot of stills. But the rendering and assembly was done by one guy (Mats) in about one month. The other guys in the office helped out inbetween their other projects with small stuff like animating the fireworks, flags etc. Also, we group up on all our projects to discuss and evolve the projects as a team. This was our first animation with instances (crowds) so it took lots of time just figuring out the technical stuff....
Absolutely stunning work! I second the comments from danivek on timeline and people. Cheers!
Awesome work! Can I ask, how many man hours do you think you spent on this? How many people worked on it? Thanks, Nivek
people, flags, flares and general atmosphere within the stadium look great! (highlight glow effect is a bit overcooked for my taste though) also the 360 degree shot and some of the cameras are a bit lingering / weird and look like an architect has had too much of a say in it! well done though, really nice work.
Thanks guys :) Ehemmm, the workflow in this project was kind of messy..... We tried out different things to get the feel of working with animation (which we really have not done too much of before). The last couple of years we have been avoiding serious animation projects because we wanted to get the hang of making still images first....but now we want to focus more on this in the future :) It can be really interesting and rewarding work to work with time and sound as well. It took us through half the project before we understood many of the basics, and that meant we had to go back to start after almost finishing...
Beautifull work i saw it on your facebook page a few days ago. What did you use the render, what was the work flow if you don't mind me asking? Thanks phil
OMG! That is the most insane crowd sim I've ever seen in an arch vis project. WOW! well done Mir. Just as animations were getting stale you guys break the mold. Awesome stuff!