Country home

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hi great 3d rendering of country home ,great job nicholas malina :)
Thank you very much!. Andrew: I can not say with precision, maybe a week.
Perfect in every detail...
wonderful finish, looks very realistic... how long did that take from start to finish ??
Robert Shelton and Ni Frontop: I appreciate your comments and we are glad you liked it. Greetings!
Great work
Glad you liked it! Thank you very much. I do not have plants because it is the base model is the website Greetings.
Beautiful work and a beautiful house. Do you have the actual plans for this house??
Harjit thank you very much!.
Well done - Incredible realism. In fact I would say perfect..!
Thanks Asim!
M Tabakovic, Thank you very much!. I used to illuminate a dome with HDRI, and VRaySun. Not more. Thanks Mike Vurn Maxpoz and for their comments. Nor were convinced by the lamp, we would have messed up a little black metal. Greetings.
Excellent work .........!
Reminds me that classic american movie with big family living in house like this. Amazing picture :).
Beautiful! I do not like the materials of the lamp post, fireplace and rain
He Nicolas, This is really good.. i love it! You did a great job with integrating this into the enviroment. Hell of job, i just had one question about he lighting. How did you create a realistic lighted scene like this, did you use V-ray SUN? or something else. I hope to hear from you.
Thanks Kyle! Make a material with good maps of reflection and shine, similar to diffuse, it helps to give realism. You can edit the diffuse in Photoshop, if you do not get. I hope you serve. Greetings!
Great work! I really like how you accomplished the siding. Any insight as to how you created it? I do alot of multi-family renders and siding seems to be my struggle as far as realism goes. Any tips would be helpful.
Thank you very much for your comments, I'm glad you liked it!.
Amazing work. Congrats.