House L-Volumetric lighting

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Thanks for the info!
Really can't tell that, this was done during spare time, every free time I had during 2 months.
it´s clearly visible that you have an artistic vein. How much time does such a project take you?
Hoi Gerhard, I studied interior architecture and one of my hobby's is(was) watercolors! maybe that's why....?
You got my name already on Twitter ;) - your taste for composition is really great. Did you study photography or painting?
Hey there(what's your name BTW!!) This was a personal project, without any help!! -:)) thanks for those nice words!! :-))
Hi Patric. Do you also compose the image or do you have help from anybody else with it. The quality of your renders is marvellous, not only because of the image quality but also for the composition and the selection of the right shot. Glad to finally having seen some of your work! :)