Industrial Bathroom

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Concrete textures are downloaded from Timber wood is taken from collection (previous year i bought full collection of all textures from that's absolutely the best collection of textures i ever seen - HQ quality, seamless, layers for VRay: reflection, specular, diffuse and bump. everything in SUPERB resolutions). But probably you can find some similar textures in worse quality on some website like . And well - if you need some Plants or Trees with alpha channel (alpha channels are "hand maded" - not by selection colours) - you can find them at in directory titled NATURE/TREES. All of them i made 1-2 years ago:) And all are completely free for commercial use. Kind regards Hris
Really good. Well played I think the thing with the unpopular Ghostman is that it doesnt seem to match the camera speed/F-stop (for the light level in the scene and the fact that it's bright outside). If you want to keep the bloke, you could try reducing the blur effect a little. Bloody impressive though. Where do you get the maps for the concrete and timber?
talking about materials, light and mood its near perfect, but the glass wall in front of the bathtub is starting to disappear, like a "ghost wall" (in the end near the man), and the two glass doors doesn't seem right. But overall its that dam good......
I like the render, but I'd get rid of the 'industial tubes' on the back wall. I'd also agree with the comment about the fat screwheads. I think the ghost man looks like he's rubbing his bum really fast with a small towel, so I'd keep him, just because he looks funny.
Here is my filmstrip progress which i've done in this scene.I will try to find few hours in next month to make changes which You wrote here. Thank You for all comments:) I didn't know that this 2D guy is looking so bad..hehe:) [ATTACH=CONFIG]46149[/ATTACH]
I like that scene, apart from the ghost man ;-)
"I agree with evilios, i didnt notice the "ghost" man till i read his comment haha." Exacly... me too ... pretty weird (O_°) 2 Things: *the dude: kill him *the curtains: download some on or something cause they're killing the realism architecturaly I'd advise trying to use less "F-A-T" screws on everything: the effect is understandable, but making them smaller will make everything "lighter" and seemingly "floating". It's like glass panels having a BIG or Fine box around them. Just a hint. Cheers Ethan
Thank You for Yours comments and ideas to make this picture better:) I would have to few hours to make all these changes real, but actually i'm busy in my job:( Maybe today night i will try to upload a little filmstrip with few pictures where i'll show progess of this scene in cinema 4d. Kind regards Christopher Czerwinski
Great materials and textures. I love that wood texture. I agree about the dude. Nice render.
I agree with evilios, i didnt notice the "ghost" man till i read his comment haha. You might want to move him outside the sliding door and decrease the motion. The scene looks very metal-industrial-like, which i reckon it's the concept you're aiming for, but it looks more like a bright daylight scene rather than a "little cloudly,autumn morning when sun is partly hidden behind clouds"-scene.
it does look very good, good colors and detail in the modeling. I also agree that the blurry man is a little to much and also the glass at the foreground seems a little to sharp, maybe some DOF to focus the view in the background?? just an idea, great render. every day I like more Cinema 4D ;)
Nice, clean render with a great mood. good texturing & ligting. I would add some glow from the light coming through the windows to soften the image a bit. Now it seems too sharp. The "ghost" man is unnecessary IMHO. good job ! pozdrawiam