Shauli Hamawi

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Excellent Work ... Good Luck !
woa... This looks very luxurious
thank you
The detail in the landscape is spectacular. Love the feel of the rendering.
no i max it
thank you very much alex, i will post to more places ,i am filling ther isn't a story in the pic and the path of the eyes is un known, maybe a crow lands on one of the colums ? sory about the post here ...
looks amazing. was the landscaping mainly done in photoshop?
Alright Shauli! Image of the week! Congrats :) Love to see the animation, could be impressive! You should post it to more places! I'm sure you can get awesome feedbaks! Regards Alex P.S. Next time don't post too much answers, as sad before you are spamming your own post.
I am agree with you 100%!!! Despite the excelent quality of the render and the attention to the details, there is too much effort in show the "scenary" more than the architecture itself.
thank you,done alot of the vegetation in xfrog and onyx, all planting in 3dsmax ,thank you
That's a beautiful image. I love the lighting and plantings. How much of the planting was done in Max and how much in Photoshop? Where did you get the vegetation to put in the scene? I see you used multiscatter. I used to use vrayscatter but had too many problems with it. Haven't upgraded to multiscatter yet. Beautiful image!
This is awesome. Very detailed and beautiful:) Im glad not all images here are 2 day projects with a house and a displacement lawn. I believe the mood is as important as the actual house architecture when selling a house. Then ofcourse, not many will pay for this but, maybe some...
Very nice work!
Are you spamming your own topic? Nice render! i personally think it was better if the cube wasn't 'that' dirty so there was more contrast between the nature and architecture. greets!
the render time was 1.35 hour
love the paint tool in max
1 hour render time
3dsmax 2011 vray1.5 photoshop 2.5 milion poligon
thank you very much happy that you like it
Very nice details and the environment Keep It up.