Rangeland Arena - 1 of 2 Exterior NPR

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Like the NPR feeling very much! It would be great to know how did the pure revit output look like and what was done in post production. If it's not a secret of course ;D.
I really like the style of these images. My only question is about the design. Are you really allowed to use a bearing connection like the one in the third image with the column basically sandwiched between the 2x_'s? I assume it's some type of thru-bolt connection. The reason I ask is because in PA, the code official wouldn't even let me build my deck this way.
Mazen + Travis | Thanks for the comments, I appreciate it. As for the camera angles, Revit doesn't give you much in the way of controls - which is unfortunate since I'd think it would be an easy addition to their package. Haven't messed with 2012 quite yet, but I don't think this was updated. I agree with the sun angle comment on some of the images - looking at adjusting some of them.
Nice work. I am not a fan of all of the camera and sun angles, but as conceptual rendering coming out of Revit, it is interesting, and I would imagine effective with the client. I didn't think the people in the interior set worked well either. But stylistically, you are on to something.
Love the sketchy feel, great job.