Unreal Engine Specialist & Architectural Visualization Artist

placeToronto, CA


  • Unreal Engine Development: Leverage Unreal Engine's comprehensive suite of tools for texturing, animation, and the creation of high-fidelity digital twins. Implement advanced features like blueprinting, sequencer, Niagara, blackboard, and animation locomotion for dynamic, interactive systems.
  • Architectural Visualization: Support our design team by contributing to the creation of compelling visual representations of our architectural projects. Focus on tasks such as rendering, animation, and post-production, under the mentorship of senior team members.
  • Collaboration and Growth: Collaborate closely with stakeholders and team members, translating architectural concepts into engaging visuals. Actively learn and develop your skills in architectural visualization software and techniques, contributing to a culture of innovation and excellence.


At [Company Name], we're blending the cutting-edge capabilities of Unreal Engine with the artistry of architectural visualization to create unparalleled digital twins and stunning visual representations of architectural designs. We are seeking a talented individual who is not only proficient in Unreal Engine but also has a passion for architecture and visualization. This part-time position offers a unique blend of technical challenges and creative opportunities, with the potential for full-time employment


  • Deep proficiency in Unreal Engine, demonstrated through a portfolio of digital twins or complex, interactive environments.
  • A passion for architectural visualization, with skills in 3D modeling, rendering, and animation.
  • The ability to integrate real-world data with virtual environments, creating interactive and lifelike digital twins.
  • A collaborative spirit, eager to learn from senior team members and contribute to team projects.
  • Preferably 5+ years of experience in Unreal Engine, with a strong interest in architecture and visualization techniques.


  • Lead a pioneering team in the sustainable construction industry, directly contributing to innovative and environmentally conscious architectural solutions.
  • Work with cutting-edge technology in architectural visualization, constantly pushing the envelope of what’s possible in design and construction.
  • Be part of a culture that values creativity, innovation, and collaboration, with opportunities for professional growth and leadership.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of a part-time role with a pathway to full-time employment, supporting both your professional development and passion for sustainability.

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