Reunion Tree

Ahmad Eghtesad


NFT project
Available on Foundation
VWArtclub Top Ten Week 32 - 2022
Evermotion Editors' choice award
Selected as one of the 50 artworks for Vivid Gallery 1401 in Tehran
Designers: Ahmad Eghtesad, Nastaran Fazeli
Edition: 1/1
Collection: Tree of Life
3D Modeling & Visualization: Ahmad Eghtesad
Software: 3ds Max, Vray, Quixel Megascans & Mixer, Adobe Photoshop
Year: 2022

In recent years, humans have had many destructive effects on the planet Earth, our only home in the galaxy. This impact has led to the extinction of many animals and vegetation on this blue planet. If new orders and commands will not be taken to rescue the planet we live on, humans will disappear much sooner than we think. We treat natural environments and animals as consumable and economic tools or objects in our path.

Our fingerprints are on the soil of these trees. I hope that one day, at least robots will take better care of this planet.
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