Lost in the future

Ahmad Eghtesad


Designer: Ahmad Eghtesad
3D Modeling & Visualization: Ahmad Eghtesad
Software: 3ds Max, Daz Studio, Vray
Year: 2021
The world is developing and integrating us with technology more than ever. Sometimes all of our attention is on social media, and we feel lost in the modern world around us. This new social space has become so important that we forget to be our true selves, and we should be human more than anything else. The lack of sense of being human has made us feel that something is eating us from the inside. Every day a new circumstance and movement happen in a part of the world to receive human rights that shows how far we have come from being human. Not every person can fight for their true right, and sometimes they prefer to run away from it. This visualization aims to show the lost feelings of human beings and how we escape from the modern world around us. A girl who does not know her role in the modern world and cannot fight for her rights and the only thing she can do is run away from society and be alone. Maybe the only thing she can do is to wish her dreams upon the stars.​​​​​​​
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