Familiamus - a wonderful family hotel in Meransen, South Tyrol, Italy

We joined forces with Familiamus to show you what this fantastic hotel would look like, by creating beautiful visualizations to ensure the authenticity of the landscape and portray the building as an integral part of the terrain.

This family hotel in the middle of the skiing and hiking region in Tyrol, Italy will exceed all expectations. It is expected to meet its first guests by Christmas 2022.

Perfectly embedded in the landscape and blended with nature, soon parents will find the ideal place here that combines a luxury approach such as the lobby, bar, restaurant, and separate indoor and outdoor playgrounds offering special programs dedicated to the little guests.

The Spa and the pools are designed to complement the demand of its clients, these modern spaces reflect in natural materials the relaxation that the hotel is supposed to input to its clients.

A room in shades of beige and gray is the perfect combination. The interior designer placed great value on a modern, bright style with natural tones. However, in order to make the rooms look more subtle, remarkable and memorable, the rooms were enriched with purple accessories.

The rooms offer everything that parents and their children would need for a relaxed and carefree holiday.
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