Somewhere on the beautiful island of Bali amidst lush tropical landscapes and majestic rice terraces there is a delightful villa designed by our team.
The living room immerses us in the Balinese vibe of relaxation and tranquility. Natural shades intertwine with the island's exterior and convey its relaxed vibes. It makes you want to light incense and settle somewhere on the edge of the sofa.
Heading to the bathroom to take a relaxing shower, you are greeted by the pleasant coolness of the island. All thanks to a wooden partition that separates the bathroom and the tropical garden.
The interesting design of the bathroom, where a bidet with a toilet and a marble sink of a coffee shade are located, will definitely impress all the guests. And behind the wooden doors, we have hidden a washing machine, a dryer, and shelves with your care products, so as not to overload the space.
In the design-project we decided to make the wall finishes as close as possible to natural tones. As an accent we added a macrame panel to the wall and chose a ceiling made of bamboo sticks.
Year: 2023  |  Location: BALI
Interior visualizations by STUDIO57
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