Royal Botania - Tropical Modernism

Designing the content strategy for Royal Botania revolved around the creation of a long term layout that will be followed through the upcoming seasons. One of the main points, was to prepare a series of unique environments and architectural settings to showcase the brand's existing and novelty collections.
Tropical modernism concept was designed by our team as the first environment to accommodate the lounge sets of Mozaix collection and the novelty design of Strappy.
Client: Royal Botania
Environment and Architectural design/Creative direction/Images: Fat Tony studio
The main feature of the villa is its openness to the surrounding nature and the horizon that extends from the edges of the cliff. The interior space is structured in levels that follow the natural inclination of the site and a unified high ceiling is allowing for uninterrupted views.
In such space the large Mozaix lounge set is allowed to breath and maintain a fitting presence within the layout.
Bringing the inner garden to the center of the Villa, helped us separating the different zones of the house. This way we are maintaining the feeling of the functional house, which was one of the key points of the concept. 
That inner garden grows all sorts of lush plants making this an ideal spot to bring the Strappy rocking chair in.
Partnered up with the footrest and the Conix side table, it is perfect combination for relaxing with a fresh drink and a good book.​​​​​​​
A stepped terrace extends from the interior and follows the flow of the cascading ponds below the cliff as the water travels from the waterfall and disappears under the mossy rocks.
An infinity pool is a must when designing a tropical Villa in such impressive location.
Reaching out from the cliffs, the pool offers amazing views at the ocean.
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