City on the Ocean

Last year in the context of global warming our architect Alex Zyablov thought about how Noah's Ark could look if it was built in a period when there are a lot of developed technologies on the planet. Nowadays we often hear that the average temperature on the planet rises every year and that Antarctica is melting more and more every day. Recent researches say that already by 2026, the average annual temperature on Earth may for the first time exceed pre-industrial levels by more than 1.5 degrees. This will definitely have consequences and we need to prepare for them now. Back to the modern Noah's Ark, if the time comes for a global flood, it would be good to have some cities which are fully autonomous, energy generating and of course floating on the ocean. Alex Zyablov had a few free months and developed this concept to polish his skills and transmit the idea of how modern Noah's Arks - Cities can look if we develop and invent enough technologies to realize something like this. Alex really likes technology and futuristic architecture. Also he likes cyberpunk style but he often thinks that there is a lot of poverty, violence and dirt in that direction. So, he wanted to make his city futuristic as well, but also clean and minimalistic if possible, with lots of vegetation. He wanted it to transmit a kind and clean vibe to set peoples' minds to good and kind behavior. Of course this city had to contain all needful for daily life buildings, like schools, a university, a hospital, a kindergarten, a lot of residential complexes, malls, stores, drugstores, offices, an airport and many other buildings. So, it does contain them. There are many buildings with different purposes and each building except living sections has a unique design and look. He has also made many solar panels on the top of the city which will generate a lot of energy but not all of it. Another source of the energy is wind turbines. There are multiple wind turbines over the whole city, mostly in residential districts. But another thing which he still would like to add to this city is a technology which generates energy from waves. However, it is not developed yet as well as additional floating sections for agriculture but it will already be his next step. There are still many more nuances to add or fix, it is still just a concept project, but it is a good first step on the way of preventing global mortality from global warming. If we build some floating cities we will insure the population from extinction and moreover will get adapted to circumstances of possible future. So, let’s take care of our planet, ecology and current average annual temperature.
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