Javier Moreno

Despite the fact that just two years ago I started in the world of archviz, my learning curve has been exponential thanks to the fact that after completing my training in the master's degree, I managed to get a job in one of the best visualization studios in Spain ( https://www.pictury.net/ ), working for big firms in the US.

These are some of the works I have done in my "short" career as a 3d artist.
Most of the images were made with 3dmax and Corona, although some also with Vray.
This is one of my favorite images. I love the drama of the image and how the person leads your eyes towards the building that in the end should take center stage in any image.
An old building that was given a new use for offices, restaurants and event areas. This building is located in Birmingham, Alabama.
It consists of the expansion of a university campus located in Ohio, United States.
Chicago, eeuu.
This is a hospital in California, Los Angeles.
I think that the point of view, composition and the use of a vertical format helped me to get the most out of the building.

I made this image during my training period in the master of archviz. I made a museum in 3D that I had designed during my previous stage as an architect.
I have also developed some animations and interactive applications in Unreal Engine.
It is not an engine that I use in my current daily flow but that I do have knowledge of.
Thank you so much for taking your precious time to view my work :) 



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