Striking Waves

It's been a while since my last matte painting. For the last past weeks I was very busy to do any artwork and invest time in making a story or a concept, but all of a sudden, I found this IG story of a friend of mine who was in a visit to Alexandria and she had a story for the Lighthouse with some waves striking in the background.
I liked the idea, and I thought to make a matte painting for this moment and exaggerating the striking waves a little bit...
I was also reading a book for composition-making and I thought it would be a great opportunity to apply it out, especially that I didn't have anything specific in my mind.
Most of the image was in photoshop, except the Lighthouse was modeled roughly in 3ds Max and rendered with V-ray
The sketch was shaped by this composition-trick I learnt from the book, it is one hell of a trick that I did not know about, and it is very useful when you have no specific idea in mind.

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