We created an immersive 4D film for Nissan, for their travelling brand activation space for the Formula E calendar. The film is inspired by Formula E itself and is a combination of racing and gaming, taking you on a journey around the worlds greatest cities. Designed for a robotic simulator, the film is 360 sterioscopic and has full ambisonic sound design.
Video Above: Behind the scenes video
Video Below: 360 video. Scroll around using your mouse, or use a VR headset or phone app for an immersive experience. 
Video Below: Don't have VR? Watch a representation of the full experience with this POV version of the full film. 

3D 360 degree environment, final designs:
Event / 4D simulator photographs:

3D Asset Development:
POV Stills:
Thank you. 
Director: Factory Fifteen (Paul Nicholls / Jonathan Gales) 
Production: Nexus Studios
Agency: Dark Horses
Design / Animation: Factory Fifteen
Music / Sound Design: 750 (Ben Gulvin)
Factory Fifteen Team:
3D: Benedetto Bertozzi, Tom Goodliffe, Isaac Eluwole, Pawel Adamiec, Andrew Li, Jonathan Gales, Paul Nicholls, Niclaus Van Kamp, Eder, Desouza
Animation 3D: Ricardo David
Animation 2D: Stefania Ragone
Comp: Benedetto Bertozzi, Tom Goodliffe, Paul Nicholls
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