Ramatuelle Villas

Ramatuelle Villas | Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

Hi all,

This is a commissionned project done in collaboration with AMD Swiss and AFA Design. 

I have worked entirely from A to Z on this project, from modeling to interior design and animation.
The scope was to produce several marketing images to sell a restoration of 4 Villas, each villa had on average 7 bedrooms, gym, cinema, hammam and 2 warm terraces with swimming pool linked with the outside.

After modeling the base structure from blueprints and elevations, I've started working on the base shaders and selecting the greenery to compose the exteriors. Here you can see a work in progress render I was looking to reproduce the materials correctly to make them look appealing and also setting the grass right :
After this, I've selected some furnitures on the marketplace that could match the style and luxury needed for this type of project.
I've then proceeded doing some clay renders to set the light and composition to show the progress to the client, here I have selected some of them :
After the clay renders approved, It was time to correct some shaders and make some adjustments in the composition as needed :
Following these adjustments it was time to render all still images. I've managed to propose some additional (emotional) shots to improve overall interest on the project and for my happyness the client accepted. 
Here you can see the final renders, grouped by each villa:
To close this project, I let you with the animation done:
(If you would like some details about the animation process, please let me know.)
This was one of those projects where the client was not in a hurry and I was very happy I really had the time to work on the composition, the shaders and the overall looking so it was a perfect fit for us both. It is awesome to have this freedom to work in the details of the project not having a deadline or the client coming to disturb the creative process. We've had some adjustments done but in the overall we were both looking for best quality final work and visual appealing images to sell the property.


We are passionate about crafting stunning, photorealistic renders that increase value and bring unbuilt architecture to life
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