4th & Macdonald Elevations​​​​​​​

Real Estate Companies increasingly seek services to Omegarender. Third Space is one of such clients and today we will show you their project of rental building 4th & Macdonald Elevations.
3D real estate renderings service is a smart solution and powerful tool in showing properties in all its glory even before the dwelling occurs. It’s a great opportunity for realtors to reveal the full potential of the building and deliver to future residents its true value. 
For example 4th & Macdonald Elevations consists of 4 views: 2 human standard camera pistion, semi-aerial and aerial angles. Such an abundance of angles allows spectator to view the future residential building from all sides. The future client does not need to waste time reading the descriptions to understand that the entire first floor will be occupied by commercial space, and on the roof of the house there will be a lounge area with a children's playground.
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