Citicape House

Project: Citicape House
Client: Dominvs Group
Architect: Sheppard Robson (David Bonnett Associates, Phil Allen Design & Maurice Brill Lighting Design)
Citicape House is an exciting design proposal from Dominvs Group and Sheppard Robson Architects to replace an existing office building located in the heart of the City of London on the Holborn Viaduct. The mixed-use development will include a five-star hotel, office and co-working space, sky-bar, restaurant, ground level public realm and a public roof-top viewing gallery. The most striking feature of the design is the over 40,000 square feet living wall that will be integrated into the facade, which will be the largest expanse of green wall in Europe.  The scheme has recently been granted the necessary planning permission from the City of London.
The images we produced for this project were to aid our client, Dominvs Group, and the architecture firm Sheppard Robson in their application for planning approval for their design. Our purpose behind these images was to illustrate the key benefits this proposal will provide to this popular area of the city, most notably the living wall. We aimed to capture Sheppard Robson’s driving goal to “inject some fresh perspectives, on how to grapple with some of London’s most urgent environmental issues” and make “a better and more liveable city, as well as articulating a clear architectural statement”.
It was also important to highlight was the public roof-top viewing gallery on the eleventh floor, which would showcase incredible views overlooking St. Paul’s Cathedral and the city’s skyline beyond.
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