Project: Angel Island
Client: Song Tien Corporation
Location: Dong Nai, Vietnam​​​​​​​

Angel Island , also known as Nhon Phuoc Urban Tourist Project, is located right on Nhon Phuoc Island, in Cu Lao Ong Con, Dai Phuoc commune, Nhon Trach, Dong Nai. Angel Island has a size of 204ha. Angel Island urban area is Pearl Island with a fresh and cool climate all year round. This idea is conveyed through archviz of 4pixos Studio.
With the goal of "bringing the best to life," Song Tien is dedicated to creating Nhon Phuoc Island into a first-class urban area with luxury living standards. Song Tien's largest project to date has required a careful balance in the selection of cooperation brands. From methodical planning to detailed calculation, we are the trusted choice for creating Archviz that demonstrates the investor's strategic vision.
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