Home Cinema Room

Home Cinema room is unique space design for one of the residential unites. It consists of two parts:
1- Main room ( the show room ).
2- Services room ( Counter Bar for serving meals, drinks, etc..).
when it comes to putting together your very own home cinema! After all, this is a space dedicated to comfort and leisure that must be inviting and warm. Even more, there are several technical aspects that must be considered such as acoustics and sound leakage, wiring, and proper furnishing. All these elements must be come together in a harmonious setting that transforms your movie nights into wonderful experiences. Colors play a major role in the design and the general atmosphere. When it comes to the furniture, people tend to choose dark themes like black or deep (grey ,blue). These work better in a smaller setting as they bring some spaciousness, but there are other elements you must consider, The floor and the painted walls in matte to avoid any reflections. Specially both the walls behind and the ones surrounding the screen using a flat matte paint. The lighting is very soft which designed for guiding people who want to move around the room. It's an entertainment space for any show like movies, series and for gaming too.
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