Modern House

This is my personal project made with Sketchup, Maya, Blender, and Unreal Engine (Render). 

I'm just a 3d artist with visual communication design background so i'm don't really know about do's and don't for this modern house design that i've made by myself. This is my 2022 March project but i start to continue this project at 2024. I've learn so much knowledge throughout those years and really want to know more about archviz
  • 3d Modeling and Assign Material
I'm using Sketch up for floor plan and this maya file is the part where i start to assign material per wall and i know this is a terrible idea after i found out the texturing on substance painter for archviz is not really effective because the file size is so big and also i'll be crazy for finding each texture and assign in to unreal engine. 

Another thing i do is import furniture and assign in per material (because i want to re-textured) and this caused a problem while the 3d object is imported to unreal engine
  • UV Pack and Datasmith
The reason why i use blender because it's really light and much faster loading time, so i use this and i'm using uv zen to set the texel density. The unreal datasmith is really helped me a lot because we don't have to export the 3d object with specific setting and they just like migrating object from one UE project to another UE project, as simple as that!
  • Managing 3d Asset, Setup Lights, and Foliage
I'm using quixel for texture, and setup the hdri, and foliage for vegetation around the house. 
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