Today we are pleased to present to you a unique visualization project that is different from all previous ones and simply stunning. We are pleased to present to you our latest work for Resting Reef, an innovative memorial and environmental service that can revitalize our view of the afterlife. This project reimagines one of the most tragic events in human life.
Of particular note is the purpose for which these unique corals were developed. They are designed to allow people to "continue their lives" after death by becoming part of the living marine environment. These corals turn the ashes of the deceased into artificial reefs using a special mixture that includes ashes and crushed oyster shells. These components nourish and promote the growth of marine life. By creating reefs from multiple oyster pods, we create a sustainable foundation for endangered ecosystems. By supporting oyster growth, we are also promoting seagrasses and attracting fish. Importantly, this will prevent huge environmental and economic losses due to coastal erosion.
We believe this is a real legacy to be proud of. Resting Reef provides us with an opportunity to preserve the memory of our loved ones and contribute to marine conservation. This project combines deep meaning and environmental responsibility, making it meaningful and inspiring.
Year: 2023  |  Location: United Kingdom​​​​​​​
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