Rising sea-ty. The underwater Vessel

Flow - Francesco Loro
The underwater Vessel by Francesco Loro
This is the main image created for the Tomorrow Challenge 2020. It was asked to reimagine the NYC Hudson Yard in 2040.
My project wants to draw attention to the humans behaviour in relation to climate change and sea levels rise. Following the construction of taller and taller skyscrapers over the past decades, cities have grown fast and increasingly moved away from the human dimension. On the other hand, the first effect of sea levels rise will probably be a modification of the urban layout of coastal cities. Cities are called to rise, building higher streets and readjusting existing buildings while nature reclaims the lower spaces of the old city. It’s a race against time: will humans be able to reconcile with Nature? Men have to reconvert their life in a more sustainable way as quickly as possible. I imagined Hudson Yards’ exterior of the future as a layered space where the lower part has already been covered by water and is reachable by boat. The upper part is occupied by reconverted buildings and ongoing building sites. in this scenario the Vessel becomes an underwater aquarium where people are reminded every day of the beauty of Nature and frailty of human condition With tihs image we are litterally put on the side of Nature. 
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