Born Neo

2GS team
Last year, we held an internal challenge to all of our team. We split them into several teams and each team will be lead by 1 senior artist. We select the team member for each team to make sure they not forming a team with the people they like and easy to work with only.

When we mention challenge, mean the task has to be challenging our own limitations and to make it even better, we give lots of pressure one of 'em are they have to work on this challenge after they finish with the real project, so definitely only able to work on an evening and have to work very late, the last pressure is, they have to finish 1 image (minimum) and 1 animation within a week... and we call this... a 'Pressure Challenge'. 

One of the team come up with an idea based on the latest idea from our president Joko Widodo. He wants to move the capital city to Kalimantan or known as Borneo Island, and actually we have a design competition in our country to design the city. Even though we are not joining the competition, the team still keen to use the competition idea ... and name this project, Born Neo.

This project is also inspired by one of the most inspiring artists in this Archviz industry, Arqui9.

The image and animation above is the final image for this team.

2GS Team
This Convention Center building design is only imagination and inspired a lot by Zaha Hadid Architecture and MAD Architect. Below are the concept and team formation.
Thank you to Jeff Mottle for this amazing new CG Architect platform, really amazing and makes everything easy to navigate. 

I hope you all enjoy my team's work, and any comment and critics are welcome!

P.S : Do I need to mention the software ? 
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