The Padfield place

Architect- CGI - Graphic by: Hamed Hosseinpour
Full CGI image taken from: 3Dsmax-Corona Render-Photoshop
I have a perpetual passion for acquiring fresh experiences, exploring novel design approaches, and delving into the final stages of visualization. In this endeavor, I focus on creating tranquil mountain retreats that harmoniously integrate with their natural surroundings. These designs form part of my latest project, where art and architecture converge seamlessly. The narrative behind these creations revolves around the interplay of materials and colors within the site. The use of an iron shield for the roof and the incorporation of stones are deliberate efforts to establish a strong connection with the natural environment. In essence, my goal is to transform simplicity into a work of art.
-I used Chaos corona for all effects,Scatter,fog and also clouds 
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