Nocturnes & Mirages

Nocturnes & Mirages project is the exploration of various ambiences and lighting scenarios with the special focus on two situations which seem to be underrepresented in the mainstream of architectural visualization. 
The first one is the high noon (titular mirages) with its tendency of flattening of the form, smoothing of the texture irregularities and – in the absence of shadows - giving the priority to the immanent albedo as well as emphasizing a large-scale geometry.
Sharp, simple, buzzing, colourful.
The second one is the very early dawn (titular nocturnes) which takes inspiration from the paintings of James Abbott McNeill Whistler, William Turner and American Realists. It is to feature no artificial light and creates unobvious scenery intended to stimulate the imagination. It requires more attention and might seem unfit for the medium based on a hectic scrolling through one's feed but I believe it can shine when built into a more complex visual story.
Vague, blurred, impressionist, dreamy.
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