1 hour challenge - Sunset

Every once in a while I like to test myself with a one hour challenge. It helps to keep the creative juices flowing, keeps the 3D skills on point and above all it's fun. For this tasks priorities I wanted to focus on colour and composition.

Today I decided it would involve a sunset on a beach so a quick google search of "warm sunset on a beach" threw me some inspiration and off I went.
Andy Butler
Using Corona Render I began by creating a CoronaCam and then added a Sun and sky. With IR rendering enabled I just adjusted the sun position and size quickly until I was happy. Next I modelled a very quick plane and added the PhoenixFDOceanTex to the displace slot on a Standard CoronaPhysicalMtl to which I applied the Water preset. I tweaked the Oceans size and settled on 3m.

Then I changed the Render size to a wide format of 3000x1250pix.
Andy Butler
Next I modelled a very simple beach and used a Megascans sand texture. Drew some boxes for the simple pier and added a Chaos Cosmos asset for the father and son.

The palm trees are also a cosmos asset and the low level planting is from megascans.

After a few more tweaks in the interactive render to move things around to create the composition I hit render! The last thing was to turn on Bloom and Glare and tweak that until I was happy.
This is the raw render straight out of the corona frame buffer. No post production was done. 
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