The Sparrow

‘The Sparrow’ is an architectural visualisation project with the aim of developing a conceptual modern refurbishment of a 1930s neoclassical building, and to produce a range of CG imagery.

Designed by Henry Rees and opened in 1930s in the centre of Loughborough,  the building became an important part of the area for connecting people across the country for its postal services as well as telecommunications technology. Over recent decades, the need for the post-offices services declined and it subsequently became vacant. Before developing the refurbishment in 3D the direction I followed for certain design decisions were considered in correspondence with the architectural and historical heritage.

The context for which the building was originally planned and used for, lends itself to a range of opportunities such as housing and commercial use, due to the size of the building and the location. The conceptual additions I designed in 3D as a feasible refurbishment of the existing space comes in the form of a condominium and rooftop terrace.
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