A new project that we have successfully finished: the all-new Arksen Discovery Series is a lineup of premium open adventure RIBs varying in size from 6 to 12 metres. Meticulously crafted to provide an immersive experience and foster a deeper connection with the ocean, while igniting a sense of family adventure, the Discovery Series - your gateway to unexplored waters and indelible memories.
Designed for those, who isn't constrained by the ordinary. They are for those, who aspire to dream beyond the horizon. These vessels offer entry into realms where happiness resides in the salt-tinged breeze and laughter reverberates against the backdrop of azure skies. Let us stretch the boundaries of personal exploration.

Year: 2023  |  Location: UK
Yacht visualizations by STUDIO57
All design concepts, including images, text, and architectural plans on this page, are copyrighted © 2023 by Knickerbocker Group. All rights reserved.
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