Architecture Portfolio 2022

Design a National Archive Gallery reflecting an artist’s career as well as their profession through different types of mediums, ranging from framed art work, to sculptors and even holograms. 

With a personal interest in film making and understanding the composition of visual effects, Film director Christopher Nolan was the chosen artist for this gallery. 

He’s known for directing numerous science fiction and superhero movies like The Batman trilogy, Justice League as well as Interstellar and Inception. 
The gallery’s going to be situated at Salford Quays south of Media City. It’s sandwiched between two basins and is disjoint from the main body of the land. Surrounded by varying zones such as residential, commercial, and industrial areas. 

With an aim to reflect a national artist, the brief also intends to fulfil the requirements in a sustainable manner, suggesting the use of sustainable materials, renewable energy sources and benefit the local area in terms of employment, education, and leisure. 
As the design of the gallery centres around Nolan’s profession which is then to be guided by his themes, visualisation was required to understand the technicalities of a camera lens in a physical and non-physical sense. 

The process of convergence shows how light enters through a camera lens and converges at a point around the centre of the outer-most lens, this projects the light on the following lens and eventually reaches a sensor or film tape where the light information is embodied in physical form. 
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