PENSON is a global award-winning studio who don’t conform to the norm. For us, it’s what things aren’t that matters. We take ideas by the scruff of the neck, shake them up and create something totally different. We are characters of our profession; full of flavour, tongue-in-cheek, and we push the boundaries of design and creativity. 
Our high-profile international projects span Hospitality, Workplace, Retail, Aviation and Residential as well as new brand creation. You’ll have the opportunity to see your work come to life and be part of some amazing new large-scale projects here at PENSON.

PENSON’s people represent the best of the industry’s talent and always have a huge amount of creative flair. We need our people to help drive the continued evolution of the PENSON brand while pioneering our famous game-changing design and architecture. If you’re like us, you’ll have a great eye for detail as well as brand new ideas. 
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London, United Kingdom

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