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ArchiCGI was founded in 2011 by a group of architects and designers who saw the need for change in the sphere of architectural rendering. The existing options brought results but were inconvenient. CGI services required waiting forever for the project even to start, often lead to missed deadlines, and overall the collaboration was hard. The founders decided it was high time to change and committed to creating new CGI solutions.

In 2014, ArchiCGI team launched a CGI CRM system. In 2016, we reorganized the working process and assigned a permanent team to each client. And in 2017, the company opened 4 branches.

Nowadays, ArchiCGI works with over 2000 clients all over the world and has a multitude of teams with different specializations. We now have 36 Mentors, implemented Artificial Intelligence for QA, built up an online library for projects containing 6000 cg scenes and 42 000 photoreal 3D models. All this allowed us to achieve the best delivery quality in the market.

We’ve come a long way, still, that’s only a beginning. Our plan is to double the size eaсh year. We are growing and manage to keep our cooperation process as easy and comfortable as if your 3D Artist was sitting in front of you at the same table. 
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New York City, United States

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