About Oficina3D Studio

We turn the future into reality.

In the creative Studio Oficina3D, through digital animations, 3D illustrations and virtual reality labs, we propose new ways and possibilities of interactions between people and between this people and the world. We want to bring the future into the present, giving to our clients the opportunity to experience it in their day to day life or by doing their projects.

We believe we can reach intangible projects, beyond the ideas’ gap that can be seen as a real vision of the future.

If is there anything magic we do at Oficina3D, it is bring the future to the present.

In a world that puts together the real and the imaginary, where on-line and of-line merge and the individual is open to the colletive, we can see a transformation in movement: a frontier between the concrete and the virtual that is being dissolved.
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Blumenau, Brazil

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